Demands from a prospective tenant

We received a very unusual call in our office today and this was the first time we have ever experienced this.

A prospective tenant called today about one of the properties we have on the market and asked if she could look through.

I was with a client at that time and one of my assistants picked up the phone and invited the tenant to the open inspection we had at 5:30pm.

The tenant screamed "no I want to look through right now"
My assistant explained that the "senior property manager is in a meeting, I will ask her to call you and see if she is able to arrange another time"

The tenant demanded "I don't care where she is and what she is doing, housing trust told me that I have priority over other tenants because my property is damaged and I need to look through right now"

I would not allow my meeting with a client to be disturbed so my PA handled it as well as possible and this person eventually hanged up the phone.

She then proceeded to call my phone 7 times while I was in a meeting for 1 hour!

I texted her an open inspection time again and she rang the office again and said "you guys just don't understand that I have to take priority"

We already have 3 applications on this particular property, so we don't even need another one, however even if we had none, how could someone not realise that acting in such a ridiculous manner would result in an agency NOT recommending her application to an owner!

No landlord would even consider her as she is showing that she is a nightmare even before she begins!

What do you make of this? Anyone had anything similar?
This was bizarre!!!

Just tell them to @#%&* off.