Dentist drill or mosquito buzzing

Any guesses where I went this afternoon?

Which sound is more annoying and bears with it the promise of much pain?

My skin crawls at the sound of the drill, but she must have done a good job, because it doesn't hurt yet - maybe the painkillers haven't worn off?
I was just going through this pain yesterday. My wife went first, and the sound of the drill in her mouth was enough to make my palms sweat. I've had a temp filling since then and am getting the real filling tomorrow morning. Not much fun, especially the yoghurt and soup diet.

On the other hand, I rarely get mosquito bites even if 100's are buzzing around me.
I hate mozzies buzzing past my ear at night- I tend to then sleep with the sheets over my head the whole night (not much fun) :)

Dentistry drill sounds aren't much fun either but at least you know you're getting something productive out of it at the end :D
dentist drill doesn't bother me at all - and i've had several fillings (and re-fillings over the years). i must have had a good dentist from the start so never had reason to squirm.

now ... mossies ... send a horror chill down me because i am mildy allergic. a single bite will welt up and itch madly for 3-4 days (at least). also, apparently something to do with the allergy means they are attracted to my scent so hubby (who bites don't bother) will sit there and not get a landing whilst i am fighting the kamikazi buggers off.
My hubby once admitted to me that whilst we were both lying in bed in the dark with a rogue mozzie buzzing around our heads he was thinking to himself "I hope it lands on HER" :D.

Every time I hear that familiar buzzing I think of that and hope it lands on HIM :D.

Have you tried the plug ins Lizzie? They work on the nights when we have a mozzie or two hanging around.