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From: Lisa Southgate

For every five posts extolling the virtues of deposit bonds, there's about one warning. What I would like is detail on the warning. I'm preparing an article on the good and bad of deposit bonds and I'm looking for someone who perhaps got a bit excited with deposit bonds and came unstuck, or nearly came unstuck. (I can change names to protect the innocent). If you're interested, can you drop me a line on Hoping to hear from you! Lisa.
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From: Jerry Maguire

u can e-mail me on lisa while i'll give u some more details on how it works
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From: Anonymous

Hey Jerry,

Why dont you just email Lisa yourself instead of big noting yourself and getting her to email you or better still post it in the forum to let us know how knowledgeable you are.
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From: Lisa Southgate

Thanks anon! I'm really up to speed on how it works, the products, etc. It's clear there's a good side and a dark side to deposit bonds but there's plenty of information on the good side. Which, I want to make it clear, I'm covering in my story. To create a balance now what I'm after is someone with the cahunas to say, here's the dark side, I got carried away with deposit bonds, Ariadne/Devine/Mirvac/Lend Lease sued me, I escaped bankruptcy by the skin of my teeth/I am now sending this post from prison. Anyone...pleeeeease...
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From: See Change


There have been references to situations like that in previous posts. The in house search function doesn't work that well, but I've been told if you use google to search in the forum , you can get good results. If someone has had their fingers ( and more )burnt they may no longer be active on the forum , but they may respond if you email them.

see change

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