Depreciation Amounts

I'd like to get an idea of how much one might be able to claim in depreciation on a brand new Apartment. Is a QS necessary if it's brand new or is the purchase price (minus land value) taken to be the value of the apartment?

Obviously different things depreciate at different rates, so I was wondering if anyone has any practical figures they have calculated? Or perhaps even a rule of thumb (like a typical new house will yield a depreciation value of about 5% of purchase cost in the first year).

Let's say we're talking an apartment whose construction cost (ie. excluding land value) is $300K.

As you can imagine, has a substantial impact on how negative geared (if at all) a property ends up.
A QS is quite advisable. On a new unit, there’s fittings which can be depreciated at different rates. A QS will give you a schedule which can be used for claiming tax for years down the track (until you install fittings I guess).

The schedule will save you many times its value just in the first year.