Depreciation Schedule for $140???

From: Manny B

Howdy there,

a friend of mine got a depreciation schedule for one of his IPs in Geelong for only $140 (which included the guy going out to the house & cost all the fixtures/fittings)... My last depreciation schedule in Melbourne cost me $440, and the Quantity Surveyor only used a copy of my plans & didn't bother coming out...

What is everyone else paying for such schedules? or did my friend just happen to get a newbie person (luck of the draw)?


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From: Luke W

I'm incredibly new to this, but in a thread I started yesterday someone recommended Bagelin & Assoc. in Heidelberg, who were going to charge me $385 for my 3 b/r house.
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From: Steve K.

I recently got several quotes for a depreciation schedule and they were all in the range of $385 to $450.
A depreciation schedule for $185 would therefore seem like a very good deal to me.
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From: Rixter ®

I have had several QS reports done in the past & I also agree that $140 is a very very very cheap price for a Depreciation Schedule. Something just doesnt sound right.

In trying to identify why, what did you exactly get for that price so I can compare it with the price and quality from who I use. (comparing apples with apples so to speak) Apart from the QS actually inspecting the property can you please tell us a bit more about what you received ?? ie did they take photos, has the company had to justify any of their previous claims with ATO, how long have they been around and what was the quantity & quality of report like? layout, number of pages , presentation etc?

Happy Investing,
Rixter :)
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From: Manny B

I will get him to bring me a copy to compare with the reports I have been receiving (mine have cost me $440 & using plans, which would have cost me around $100 for a site visit), as mine have always been very detailed & good...

FYI, his accountant recommended him... I'll keep you posted...

If his reports are good, I would pay him an extra $60 to travel from Geelong to Melbourne...

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From: Michael Yardney

If they don't visit the property how can they do a proper assessment of the value of the fittings and fixtures.
Think about it...
Carpet can be worth $65 a mt or $150 a metre.
Light fittings can be worth $2 or $200.
Make sure you are getting what you pay for.
I have recommended Baglin & partners a few times on the forum.
I have now swapped to Dale Martin & Assoc a young fellow who has just started up on his own having left a big company. He charges about $200. I don't have his details here at home but if you want them email me and I will pass them on
Michael Yardney
Metropole Properties
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