Depreciaton Schedule from Mitchell Brandtman

Has anyone used the services of Mitchell Brandtman Quantity Surveyors before?

I have been given a qoute of $520 Onsite for a schedule. Not Remote, but Onsite. Believe this is great value for Money. BTW, I have three schedules to be done before tax time this year.

1- regional ViC
2- regional QLD
3- western Sydney

Apparently they have been in business for over 25 years.

Anyone's used them? Would be great to hear from you if you had had any Good, Bad experiences if any....
Hi, Yes, I can certainly testify for the great services of Mitchell Brandtman Q/S.
Have used them on two of my properties in regional Qld, although was more like around the $400 mark back then, for onsite reports.

A very professional, spiral bound report delivered to us via mail.

Each report cost basically paid for itself + more, in the first year, with the extra tax refunds recieved.

Hope this helps.
We went ahead for the QS reports through Mitchell Brandtman for all three ips. Great work and good price. I would recommend them for Regional properties. Their onsite visit was about 30% lesser than the nearest competitor. Construction cost figures came back solid too.