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From: Glenn M

Have many people out there sourced or have seen many properties constructed from the September 1985 to 1987 period in the market. I was just thinking of the 4% building allowance able to be claimed over 25 years. Are these properties rare and attract a premium as a result?

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From: Michael Yardney

These properties are not rare.
I see you are from Melbourne - many of our suburbs 20 - 25km from Melbourne were built in the 80's, like Glen Waverley and Wantirna.
So were some smaller apartments and townhouses in the inner suburbs.
They do not attract a premium as they are usually not particularly good investments, esp in the suburbs which tend to have negative population growth as the baby boomers move out.
The inner suburban ones are not usually an attractive architectural style that has added appeal. A lot of stuff built in those days was pretty bland.
Michael Yardney
Metropole Properties
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