Detached double garage converted into granny flat

Suggestions? Buy first IP now or convert garage into separate 2/3 bdrm unit.

Hi all, I'm another long long time reader, first time poster.

At the moment I am in two minds, firstly, do I buy my first IP or secondly convert my double garage (PPOR) into a two storey unit.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

Abit of info on the PPOR. 3 bed 1 bath 2 car garage on 780sqm block zoned 2B dual street access corner block. Garage is (6 1/2m x 6 1/2m) and is detached at the back of the block. My thoughts are to extend to 2 storeys and extend over the attached double carport (6 1/2m x 7m) and convert to a complete 2/3 bdrm unit.

Also does anybody know if you can still obtain a Unit Title for the garage or would it be easier just to convert to a granny flat?

Cheers, Nathan.


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