Devastation in Samoa

Hi all,

I don't know if many here have been to Samoa, but it is a tiny Island and similar to alot of these Islands, these people didn't have much to start with. I really can't imagine how they are going to build it back up as Tourism was just starting to kick off there.

All my children could think about was a lovely young Samoan guy named Larry who was saving money to go to Uni by working in the hotel we stayed in.

If anyone would like to make a donation, here is a link to Red Cross.

Husband is surfing over in Mentawai Islands, Indonesia atm, apparently there has been an Earthquake at Sumatra? At least he is out on a boat.:eek:

Regards JO
It's awful Jo.

I was listening to a freelance journalist speaking on the ABC this morning and she was saying that the islands have no method of coping with such a disaster. The number of people who are lost or confirmed dead will devastate the community as when only 1 person dies the whole island grieves due to the fact that they all feel so connected.

All the best to your hubby too in Indo.
The first plane from Australia carrying doctors and other medical staff and also logistics personnel to assist took off from Brisbane airport at 1am today.
Very awful indeed for the community hit by these natural disasters.

Mentawai island is actually very near (100-200km) the Sumatera quake epicentre. At least there is no tsunami so your hubby should be safe on the boat.

I am a little concerned for hubby as I have realised how close it is. I didn't realise the earthquake at Pedang was so big.

A few of the wives are a little frantic as we can't get in contact with them.

I know in the boat they are safe, I guess all I have to worry about is how he will get out and any more earthquakes.

I think he is due to get off the boat on Saturday and fly out of Pedang.

What a horrible time for these poor countries.

As you say, Minx, the whole community will mourn. They will all have family lost as they are such a small little island.

Regards JO
i've been under a rock the whole week.

i crawled out after being so knackered after the show yesterday that i turned on the telly for the first time this week and saw what happened.

it amazes me how EASILY these little islands - teaming with life - can just get swept away.

it just awful. and it's not something caused by any one or any corporation or a war. it's just the earth doing what it's doing as it spins in space.

such a tragedy.

No, but thanks anyway Marg.

I got a call from him late this afternoon and they were on some island 100k's away and felt an earthquake and got back to the boat immediately. They know what earthquakes can mean around there....

They are really misinformed and communication is really bad. He was on a Satellite phone and they are heading back into Padang to moor off the coast. A few of the helpers on the boat are from Padang and just want to get back to their families.

They had no idea there had been a second earthquake. The poor Indonesians on the boat must be so worried.

Thanks for your concern too, guys.

Regards Jo

Don't know how he'll get out but I'll worry about that tomorrow. As long as he is safe. Phew!:eek:
I was browsing the central Coast Express Advocate newspaper this morning. Is that story about your husband Jo? Front page, no less!

Nice pic on page 4 btw. Good to see he made it home.
Agh yes.........Thanks Evan,

You'd think he could have shaved!

That is us!

Quite ironic that I started this thread to get some help for those lovely Samoans and ended up in my own little drama. Nothing in comparison.:eek:

Regards JO
Glad to hear all is good for you Josko.

On a separate note, 250 people from India were killed in floods just after Samoa, and barely a ripple in the media.