Developer Mentor Wanted for young investor

Hi All

I am 23 years old and have acquired a couple of investment properties over the past couple of years. I have a sucessful job working in the Finance industry and have managed to climb myself upward from the bottom. I believe strongly in that whatever you put your mind to in life you can succeed in.

Currently I am looking at purchasing a property with development potential on the Central Coast. I will be looking at purchasing a block of land around 1,00sqm and eventually build 3 townhouses. Once I have the funds available to be in a position to develop I will do so.

At this stage I have been reviewing local Government planning restrictions and I understand the majority of the basic minimum planning guidelines such as minimum lot size, zoning allowances, floor space ratios ect. I am still looking for that right property.

I was hoping to find someone that could give back and help me out with mentoring me and passing on advice. I think mentoring is a great way to share and give back and I mentor a number of individuals in both property as well as a disadvantaged high school student in a Government program.

If there is anyone out there that would be willing to share some advice of a free lunch and lives within Sydney or anyone that would be willing to communicate via email please contact me.
Mentor for Property Developer

Hi Young Gun,
Hi all,

Long story short, I joined this forum to answer “Young Gun” thread.

I own a property development management company based in Sydney. I am currently offering and contracting my services to local property developers and project management firms. I have been a property developer manager for the last 10 years. My professional background is architecture, project management and construction. I am still a registered architect in NSW and I have a contractor (builder) license.

To answer your query, I can mentor you and other young (or first time) investors/property developers.

I have experience in land acquisition, feasibility studies, option agreements, schematic, council negotiation, development application, consultant coordination, construction certificate, project management, tendering & construction process and final occupation certificate.

My last 10 years have been filled with cosmetic renovation projects, top luxury residential and medium density developments, senior living proposal and master planning and hotel refurbishment.

I can spot opportunities and convert them into business simply by being creative. I scan every day the internet to find the right development opportunity. As an example I managed, on behalf of one of my clients, to secure a series of development sites around NSW for $1 each under a 12 months + 6 months option agreement and subject to development application approval conditions.

As a mentor, I will be very happy to share with you how to do it. The real value of my mentoring is my early days experience as a professional “S… cleaner” for property developer in distress. Believe me, I had my share of hard work cleaning or correcting someone else mistakes or poor decisions. But in all honesty, this is where I found my passion for the property game and by the way, this is how I make my money.

Please feel free to contact me.