Development Finance



From: Dave :)

Hey everyone.

This is probably aimed at those of you who are developers.

I have exclusive rights to commercial finance that cannot be matched by any lender in Australia...I'm almost positive about this.

To those of you who are in the game, how does this sound:

1. Up to 90% finance on FINAL DEVELOPMENT VALUATION...given upfront.
2. NO pre-sales required.
3. Interest rate of 7.2%.

Provided you have a sound business proposal on the project, a feasibility study on the project...they will look at any development project.

Minimum lend is $3Mill, although amounts just below that would be considered.

This is the most unconventional commercial lender in Australia...and this is normally only available for projects in excess of $100 Mill.

If this is of any interest to you developers out there, email me or phone me on 0416 054 499.



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