DHA question

Hi all. I have been checking the rental market in preperation for my 4 bedder build and it seems that the rent in the open market is very close if not the same as what DHA offers. Assuming both have 100% occupency which we know will not happen privately. I know they charge a bit more but when you factor in full tennancy and paint/carpet. It's a close one.

So what ya think. Would you consider giving your new ip to DHA if returns are close and you intend to hold long term.
True, if you are comfortable.

But think about how liquid your asset is if you do need to off load prior to Lease term with DHA - find out from other DHA owners if they have experienced this.

A couple of things.

1. Do DHA want it? DHA has a minimum standard, and your place might not meet their requirements.

2. You should be only considering it if you want to keep it for the long term. Resale price will suffer as it will only appeal to investors. But if you keep it for the entire term it will be fine. The lease cannot be gotten out of. If you sell the lease must go with the property- and you must have DHA permission to sell.

3. PM fees, the last time I was with them, were 15%+GST. When I was letting other properties way back, private PM fees were 6.5%. Now they are 9-10%- so the difference is not so great. But as well as the paint and carpet, they do pay for all routine maintenance.