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From: Stirling Reid

Does anyone have any experience about what type of lens to put on a digital camera for inside shots of properties? A wide angle 22mm equivalent? Or are the standard 35mm equivalent lenses OK. I have not purchased the digital camera yet.

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From: Kim Heaver

Research that carefully before you buy.
The digitals don't use normal 35mm lenses (unless your spending thousands). Many of the digitals lenses don't have filter threads, some do and some use an adaptor ring to accept lens converters.
Have a look on or

For reference I bought a canon powershot 30 (3.2mp) for $1400.

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From: Paul Lytwyn

I use a basic Canon A10. Cannon has a great feature of allowing you to "stitch" photos together(others may do this too). So when I am shooting indoors I just start in one corner and take as many as I need and then stitch them into one print. The next model up the A20 will also allow you to take a 30sec video clip.Very handy for those before and after inspections.Both units are very reasonable.
Cheers Paul
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From: Crystal .

Hi everyone,
What about one of these for only $64 from

The Playworks digital camera can take 80 pictures at an "internet friendly" low-resolution (176 X 144) or 20 images at high-resolution (352 X 288). It features a self-timer function and LCD screen to monitor and change camera settings.

I don't have one but would consider buying at such a good price!

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From: Paul Zagoridis

My experience with cheaper digital cameras is they do not work well in the typical low light situation of property inspections, plus many do not include flashes.

I like using my mini-dv digital video camera and the still frame function.

Then again my uncle the architect/builder still uses film cameras. Cost of doing business.

Paul Zag
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From: Sim' Hampel

Paul is absolutely right... low light conditions typically experienced indoors (even during the day) is bad news for cheaper cameras, particulalry those without flashes.

Also, unless you are taking photos of particular items such as the stove, or that crack in the wall, you really want some type of wide angle lens. I have a 0.5x wide angle lens attachment to my miniDV video camera, which works a treat for indoor shots.

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From: Rixter ®

Heres an angle some people may be overlooking in relation to taking photos for prospective IP purchasing. Is it legal in your state or territory to do so without specific approval from the vendor??? Just some food for thought coming from a law enforcement background.
Happy Investing,
Rixter :)
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From: Michael Croft

If the property is open for 'public' inspection I suspect it's fair game. Mind you I would want to be on the wrong end the litigation, lawyers would have a field day ;-)

Simple solution; ask the agents permission, then point the finger their way.

Michael Croft
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From: Michael Croft

I have a Ricoh RDC-7 3.3 mega somethings which can take about 8 mins of video or hundreds of HD stills - best thing since sliced bread IMHO.

Michael Croft
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taking photos of houses

From: Ross Sondergeld


Subject: taking photos of houses

In qld, rp data has every house in queensland on their property info
database. You basically, look up anyhting and the relevant photo is
displayed for all houses.

In addition... i'm always taking pictures without anyones consent. I shot a
street shot of properties randomly... for sale... might be for sale...
listign with XYZ REalty.

Therefore, i wonder do i need permission?

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