Hello everyone.

The 10th (tin or aluminium) wedding anniversary is coming up soon and I am seeking Brisbane dining-out suggestions to take mrs aaarghhh. I want to get a few ideas on where to dine-out and a tin/aluminium present suggestion.

D-Day is the 21st March and I want to be prepared.

I've got a preference for the Cha Cha Char steak experience (a bit expensive but damn they make a good steak.....:)

Kill two birds with one stone and get some TV dinners in aluminium foil trays?

Both convenient and romantic!
I LOVE the suggestions so far.....

1-2-3 of tin themed anniversary gifts.
1. "The Wizard of Oz" on dvd.

2. case of beer. No, wait she might get that for you.

3. can of beans. Not very romantic. Although, we used to sing "Baked Beans good for the heart"
but the 2nd line is "Baked Beans make you f**t."

Restaurant, aluminium/tin..... there is a restaurant in Sydney that cooks food on upturned shields, apparently warriors in Mongolia used to do that. But you have the steak dinner sorted.
Hello Aaron, following all the silliness, congratulations on your 10th! :)

We're having our 26th next week and I'm taking my wife to Zakz restaurant at Springwood on the southside. Been there twice before; food's great, sevice quite personal & prices on par with your average a la carte.

Another great restaurant is Bennihana (spelling??) at the Marriot Hotel on the Gold Coast. We did that last year for our 25th anniversary with our 4 daughters and it was fantastic. But you MUST book; it's pricey and not intimate (loud), but great food cooked right in front of you (Japanese Tepanyaki).

Present suggestion: aluminium statue for the mantlepiece / cabinet

PS: I reckon Hog's Breath is still the best steak place around!! :D :D
Love the replies people

I can't buy a tinny. (I wish.....)

Tv dinners. haha.

Good idea the AWC shares however will need further investigation.;)

I remember my uni day and I lived in baked beans and noodles.

I am expecting a slab of tinnies.

DB or VB or Speights or something.
A beautiful decorative tin - there are even some lovely musical ones - and then put inside whatever items you like. Convert your wedding snaps to a dvd maybe?

In terms of eateries do you have one with lots of romantic memories?

Flowers to her work place (if applicable) so everyone in her world knows that she's still the queen of yours :)
Hi Aaron,

Unfortunately I didn't buy the entertainment book this year but find someone that has one and ask to borrow it for Cha Cha Cha...I am pretty sure it's buy one maincourse get one free.

We tried all the fine dining using the E Book before we had kids.

I highly suggest you go away for one night to Peppers Hidden Vale...

it's the most beautiful place and they have a restaurant called Cottons that has Wagyu beef for a decent price. It's $55 for Wagyu but well worth it. Rooms are usually $300 a night but if you go to ratestogo.com last minute it's only $138 and inc bfst for two. For Cottons restaurant, get entertainment voucher for 2 for 1 main course. You won't want to leave.

For present can't you buy a tin, keepsake box and fill it with love notes? I have no idea tbh. sorry
Thanks every for the great present ideas.

Love the keepsake tin idea. I think I still have an old shoe box full of letters somewhere. I'd completely forgotten about them....

My 7 year old daughter will laugh when she sees the stuff I use to write to her mother. I like the dvd idea as well.

Thanks guys n girls.
I love GoAnna's idea of the keepsake tin. If you fill it with your old love letters that would be beautiful. Also the idea of the DVD is very romantic. I would recommend going with each of these suggestions for sure.

Above Average
Well don't know about the tin/aluminium present, but I can definately recommend the degustation menu at Urbane (Mary St in the city) as a fine dining experience. It is on the expensive side ($115 per person for 8 courses) but the food is just so damn good it is worth every penny. The service is very personal as well, and the waiters top class - like British butlers almost.

The wine list is also top notch, with wines from all around the world including some very expensive French wines (not your usual Dom P) and if you like margaritas as I do, the barman makes the best I have ever had.

Can't recommend it highly enough, and they have a normal a la carte menu as well if degustation dosn't appeal.

P.S Aaron, I just read your blog and found out your avatar is of tulips. I thought it was a pic of bauxite!

If you rea-lly love your Mrs of 10yrs you could upgrade the 'tin' and but a leetle bit o' the wearable stuff. :D

Failing that a pic frame with a photo of the two of you, maybe even one taken somewhere you visited together that you always meant to put in a frame.

If you rea-lly love your Mrs of 10yrs you could upgrade the 'tin' and but a leetle bit o' the wearable stuff. :D

Failing that a pic frame with a photo of the two of you, maybe even one taken somewhere you visited together that you always meant to put in a frame.

I agree. Some thing old something new. The new could be jewellery, chocolates. It would be like opening a lovely treasure trove..... maybe even new love note ;)
Depending on how romantic you are.... how about getting 10 small tins (I think that I have seen something similar at Spotlight) and writing on 10 peices of paper a special moment from each of your 10 years together and hide these around the house for her to find during the day? Almost like a bit of a treasure hunt? You wouldn't even need to write notes for all of them, perhaps you could put in the tins one of her favourite chocolates, a flower, a photo ... Anyway just an idea....
Thanks Kezza

I like the treasure hunt idea, that is good. I've been leaning towards to the power of chocolate in some sort of decorative box/tin.

If you want something close to home, Raphael's at Shorncliffe/Sandgate is excellent.

Birches at Mt Mee is also very very good.