Discount Rate for Fixed Loan


On a push you can get up to 40 for a match

70 aint gonna happen unless the rate is a joke to start with.

One thing to be mindful is that the fixed rates do vary quite a lot between lenders, more so than variables do.

This means the rate that you will actually pay ( and the use you put it to) is likely to be more financially relevant than X points of y rate

Residex's John Edwards is saying this regarding interest rates (email dated 20/5/10). Make of it what you will.

"Rates to go down!
Market wrap with John Edwards, CEO of Residex and

What I am thinking?

Interest Rates

The next move in interest rates is more likely down than up. I note five things in this respect:

Housing finance numbers indicate a slowdown;
Housing growth in all cities other than Melbourne is starting to show "cracks" at the margins with lower cost suburbs presenting falls in values;
Retail sales look to be sluggish at best and more likely slowing;
The problems in Europe are flowing over into stock markets and wiping billions off the value of portfolios and hence zapping confidence; and
The Government's "great big new tax" on the resource sector is going to unsettle people and runs the risk of diminishing employment opportunities as the resource sector holds back on new projects until there is clarity."
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