distance renovation project management

I am in Melbourne but I like buying a bad house in Brisbane for renovation. Due to distant problem, I think that I will hire someone in Brisbane to manage the renovation project. His tasks are to coordinate different traders to do renovation jobs. Do you think if this is realistic?

Does anyone have experience in renovation interstate? and how do you handle distance house renovation?
It can be done however you would need to be very pacific as to what work you want carried out even down to tap fittings, and paint colours and finish.

I would organise for a builder / project manager to visit the site with your scope of works and be as detailed as you can in your scope of works, this will help eliminate disputes later.

The builder / project manager should be able to give you a estimate of the works and any issues which may cause a cost escalation, or even way you may save money.

Oh and communication will be vital and that would need to be a 2 way street.

When we do renovations for clients that are interstate some of the key things that we put in place which would be good for you to think about as well are:

- a very detailed brief to start with and walk through together. Get all of that confirmed in writing afterwards (listing all inclusions).
- always helps if you can provide them with pictures of examples (off the net) of the way you would like certain things to look
- organise to have decision points, ie by week three decide on tiles and benchtops, week 5 paint, etc. They can then provide you with photos/links of some options and you can let them know final choice.
- organise to have weekly status updates over the phone and for them to post photos regularly so that you can see progress
- get them to send you an updated schedule which shows % progress for each section of the reno
- get them to send you an updated $ statement which shows how much you have put down in progress statements and how much of that has been used up and on what

Wishing you every success, Ana