Divorce..what about the IP's?



From: Anonymous

Seeking advice from anyone having been in the same position before.

If numerous IP's have been bought in joint names during the marriage, what is the least messiest/costwise way to divide the properties?

This will be an amicable divorce.
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From: Paul Zagoridis

I used to be a divorce and child custody mediator. This is NOT legal advice.

Be glad for an amicable split. Fighting about it just makes the lawyers rich.

Basically focus on needs instead of wants and try to meet as many of those for both parties. You should be able to come to a mutually agreeable solution.

At some stage you will both need legal advice, so don't use "friendly negotiations" as a way of screwing your ex. Their lawyer will clean you out if they think you've tried a swift move.

Most family lawyers will give you a range of current settlement orders for the Family Court. Length of relationship and age of kids are factors here. That gives you a % split to aim for. Remember to provide for the welfare of any children.

If you are the IP fan and they aren't interested, then see if you can horse trade to keep the IP's while giving up the family home. The less equity in the portfolio the harder it is to move.

Beware of the selling costs. If negotiations stall and it goes to court then you are probably looking at selling everything and splitting the cash (after selling expenses and legals). You then are at least one of the 4 D's (Dead, Divorced, Destitute Desperate) that I love to buy from.

So play nice, this is not the time to go for the deal of the century. Especially don't go for a deal you'd brag about, the risk isn't worth it. If you get out skin intact and something to start over with, consider yourself blessed.

Remember you have kids and will be grandparents some day (unless you don't have kids ;-) ).

Email me if you have specific questions you don't want to post publically.

Paul Zag
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