DIY Wrap Pack?

Hi Brizza

Their are a number of wrap diy kits available in the marketplace. Rick Otton's Wrap Pack is still available, Steve McKnight's Wrap Kit is no longer being sold and I think Paul Zelitis (not sure if that's the correct spelling) also has one out. I don't know the name of Paul's but I do have both the others.

One point to remember about all these Kits/Packs is that any legal paperwork that's included is only an example and should not be used in a real transaction.

We get charged $980 to get our Instalment Contracts drawn up. Who pays that $980? The new buyers. We tried doing it ourselves but it takes way to long and why would we bother, when the new buyers pay and we have confidence that our solicitor will get it right.

Also, we insist that every one of our new buyers gets independent legal advice. Even with the old Uniform Consumer Credit Code, we thought that was a must but with the new national consumer credit legislation coming into place soon, we believe we'd be crazy not to.

Sure an Instalment Contract does give your new buyers access to the FHOG but it also means the government regard you as a credit provider. We haven't found that to be a problem because we're very conscious of the demands of the UCCC and use lawyers to make sure we abide by it.

Cheers, Paul