Do I need solicitor/conveyencer for Section 32 for land?

Discussion in 'The Buying/Selling Process' started by kylz44, 11th Jun, 2015.

  1. kylz44

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    30th Oct, 2011
    Melbourne, VIC
    We are looking at purchasing a block of land and I have received the Section 32 from the Real Estate Agent, is it best to get this checked over by a solicitor or conveyancer before submitting an offer and if so, does anyone have any recommendations for one in Melbourne (west side if that makes any difference) :)

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Genia

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    17th Feb, 2015
    Doncaster East, VIC
    I would check the contract with conveyancer. I was helping my friend to sell a block of land recently. When she requested the S32 and contract of sale to be prepared, it turned out, that her original sales contract had a special "on-sale" paragraph, requiring an extra document at extra cost to be produced if she re-sells the land. It was something not too major but quite annoying.