Do I need to be present??

I have notified my tenants of my intention to occupy my IP and they will have to relocate. My question is, do I need to be present during the final inspection and before any bond is returned to them? My PM says no, they'll take care of everything but I'm a little nervous about this. To complicate matters I currently live interstate so being present would cost me about $350.00 in airfares. There have been times during the last 3 years when the PM has not filled me with pleasant feelings towards them. :confused:

Any thought?
If you want piece of mind, and seeing as it's your own PPOR when your tenants vacate, it's probably better that you go down for the inspection. If you don't trust your agent it makes it even more imperative. The last thing you want to find is a destroyed area of your property when you are going to live there