Do Large Sculptures need council approval?

I was asked an interesting question today which I was unable to answer so I thought someone here may be able to help.

Do large sculptures need council approval?

I was asked the question from an artist who owns a rural property & would like to create a large sculpture, the two questions asked were do I need council approval & if so how big can the sculpture be before I needed to obtain approval?
I wouldnt think so on his own property. I know someone who has a converted warehouse in Coburg with some quite large (as in 3-4mtr high) ones in his yard and never had a problem. I also know another sculptor in Daylesford area with quite large ones (welded rusty iron type) who has never had a problem. Was also involved with an artist putting up a very large one at a swimming pool in Ascot Vale and although it was a huge reno to the pool, I'm sure they never got a separate permit to erect the sculpture out the front