Do you save for costs/deposit?



From: Nic Hutty

Hi All,
Just got to ask?
Now when you are buying properties especially one after the other do you save for the deposit and costs and then buy?
I understand you can use equity somehow but how do you keep the loans secured separately?
Is there somewhere I can learn the specifics of this subject as it is something I am having difficulty understanding fully?
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From: Dave :)


Good question, one that many beginners ask when starting out. I struggled with this initially as well. There are several finance brokers who are active on this forum who'd be qualified to post a summary reply to your question....and hopefully benefit others in your situation.

I'm not a broker, so I won't attempt. Suffice to say, if you have sufficient equity in an existing property, you can borrow 100%, plus costs, and still have the new loan structured securely and independantly from the first.

If you're short of replies, email me for the details of a broker that I've used who has helped me out from the time I started property investing, and will probably be using for some time to come.


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From: Nic Hutty

Thanks Dave for your reply. I will take you up on your offer regarding emailing you for your brokers details but you still didn't answer the question or is that a no?
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