Docklands: yay or nay now?

admittedly I hate the docklands, seems to irritate me in every respect..

anyway, since the government has announced its $1billion project to make it into a major city or similar

do you think as an investment, buying one right now is a good idea?
Depends on price and quality. However with the $1 billion project, I would hold off as there's a good chance that there will be an oversupply of apartments at docklands in the future.
I live in Docklands and reckon it a brilliant place but I don't think I'd be rushing into buying an IP here because the yields look very low. If you did consider it check out the body corporate charges first - I'm paying $8Kp.a. on a large 2-bed unit. I'm happy to do so as an owner-occupier as the building is well maintained and looked after but I suspect that tenants take these things for granted.