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From: Mojo Jojo

I like the opinion on a problem I'm facing at the minute. I purchased a townhouse of the plan back in March of last year. At the time I negotiated 4 extra items to be included in the price. I checked the property a couple of weeks before it was due to settle and the 4 items hadn't been included. The developer said that 2 of the items he could no longer install and a credit was negotiated for these items. He said the other 2 items would be installed.

The property was to be settled this week and of course the 2 items were still not installed. I said that I wouldn't settle until they were. He has since sent me a letter to say that if I don't pay the settlement fee plus interest the deal will not go through.

I still want the deal to go through as the property has appreciated quite a bit since then. I just can't believe you can make a deal, sign a contract and then just ignore what is in the contract. To me it seems pretty straight forward.

My solicitor is tending on the side of just negotiate another credit for the other 2 items but I probably wouldn't have purchased the property or at least negotiated a lower price if I knew the items couldn't be included.

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From: Manny B

Howdy there,

I've had to deal with something close to that at the time of settlement... I was advised to go ahead with the settle with the condition that they do XYZ as discussed... when drawn up by your solicitor, it goes to theirs & you should be safe...

For me it worked fine, within a couple of days our request was met...


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