Does anyone know where the treehouse is?

Hi all

Hoping someone can help. Some friends of ours found this place where you can climb this big tree and you can go up to different levels, and you can see all of the Gold Coast if you climb to the top. I can't remember where they said it was, but had a feeling in was near Lower Beechmont or Canungra? I think you have to park your car somewhere at the bottom of the hill and walk up the hill to get to the tree

Does anyone know what I'm talking about! LOL. Sorry to be so vague, but I can't get hold of these friends.

Hi QB,

Nope, never heard of it, but you've got me intrigued now! Might have to check it out if someone posts an answer...

If not, be sure and chase those friends of yours up and post some details here now that you've 'teased' me with the prospect! :D

I definately will. I know it was free that's for sure. LOL. I will have to track them down in the weekend. I tried googling it, but couldn't find anything. I will investigate and let u know.
Well found it that time, it's called Tree Top Walkway in Canungra.

I copied and pasted this.

The Tree Top Walk is a must do for visitors to the Green Mountain section of Lamington National Park and O`Reilly`s.

The Booyong Boardwalk featuring some excellent interpretive signage leads you from the front of O`Reilly`s Guesthouse to the walkway which is a series of suspension bridges that take you 16 metres up into the rainforest canopy.

The adventurous can climb ladders to a crows nest like platform in a fig tree 30 metres above the ground.

Here's a pic
There is a canopy walk at O'Reilly's via Canungra - there is a tower at one end that you can climb to obtain better views.

Best of all, it is free - (or was about 5 years ago).