Does knuckle cracking cause arthritis?

Yep, I have been doing this for over 40 years :eek: (I remember my parents telling me not to do so because "it will give you arthritis", when I was in my early teens) ............and so far not one hint of arthritis. Crack away!!
Cracking knuckles as far as the evidence based literrature is concerned does not cause arthritis.

The popping/cracking sound is from gas bubble popping by way of a cavitation effect as the joint space (and subseeunt pressure on fluid volume) is changed.

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Interestingly one cannot re-crack that same joint/knuckle for approximately 20 minutes or so as the gas returns to fluid/solution.

The other clunks and clicks that one can also often feel/hear when stretching may be ligaments, tendons or fascia (fibrous connective tissue) rolling over bony prominences.....very common around the hip, knee and shoulders.
We also were told that it didn't cause arthritis but our chiropractor suggested my boys pull their fingers straight out rather than bend them inwards and push against them as they were doing.

It drives my hubby and I absolutely CRAZY!!!! The 20 and 17 year olds obsessively crack their knuckles while watching TV and I tell them they have OC disorder. I just say "knuckles" and they stop, but often they have to finish the rest of the fingers, or sneak the last one when they think I have forgotten about it. To me this is OC behaviour, not being able to stop without finishing the "routine".

It is really, really, really annoying :mad:.
Even if you got arthritis, you get this spray on stuff called Painstop which takes it away. Its used nonstop by Parramatta as apparently they bathe in the stuff... which (IMO) is how they could continue to play so well through the season and get to the GF.