Does sewage main line affect property value

Hey guys,

As the title mentioned, would having main sewage line on the property's land, have any effect on the resell value??

The house we are looking at, is built on a steep slope (looks almost like a cliff). Pretty much any usable land has already been used to build the house. So, in my opinion, having sewage or easement/drainage shouldn't be much of a concern. However, i do realise that my opinion doesn't equal to future buyer's opinion.

Therefore, if any of you guys can give me some opinion on this, that will be greatly appreciated.

Depends where it is.

We have a sewer main running along the back boundary, only limitation is about 3m or so from the back fence where we would not want to do anything anyway.

If it ran through the middle it may be a problem.

Then again, maybe not. We recently sold my mother's house in inner city Brisbane. It had a sewer main running right through the middle of the backyard, but the house still sold in 3 days for 99.5% of the asking price.

So I guess the answer is - it depends !!
Thanks for your reply marg.

In my situation, the property's on a steep cliff like land with bushes surrounding it.

Attached is the property layout with the sewage mains


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If the location of the sewer main is not going to prevent things like extensions, putting in a pool or a shed then it is not likely to worry a buyer