Doesn't it annoy you when ...

From: See Change

Doesn't it annoy you when..

you attend an open house for an auction and you ask the agent , " so , what price range do you think this house will go for? "

and they say " I don't know , what do you think ?"

Well last time this happened I said a price deliberately well below what I felt the price would be.

The agent reacted with indignation and said " Oh no , It'll get at least XXXX." Whether this was in fact correct will remain to be seen , however ( I assume ) it gave me an indication of what they were expecting to get .

Happy investing see change
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From: Sergey Golovin

See Change,

They always answer on your question with they own one. It is part of they training.

Have look at book "Confession Of Real Estate Agent" Terry Ryder. Shows you all they tricks.

Happy Hunting
Serge G.
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From: Michele B

Don't you love it when you ask "And what will this property rent for?" and agents say "Well gee....let's see...hmmmmm" I mean, if I wanted a guess I could have done that all by myself!

Or even better (and this is true) when I once asked what kind of aircon a particular property had, the agent said "I don't know....I'm only the agent" Bit of a worry for the vendor, esp given the level of commission involved!

And what about the one that said to me when I once made an obscenely low offer "Leave it to me, I'll work on it" Poor vendor, literally!

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