Doidge/Eslick course worth it?

From: J Parker

Hi all!
Am considering doing the reno course by the Doidge/Eslick team and would like opinions from those who have done it.

1. Was it value for money, considering it was only one day?
2. If you had already renovated prior to the course, did you learn anything new that would really put you "ahead of the herd", so to speak?
3. If you had the opportunity, would you do it again?
4. If you did do it, I would be very interested to hear of people's successes, besides those in the API articles.

Just trying to get my money's worth with all of these "educational" seminars being constantly flogged these days, by sorting out the chaff from the wheat!

Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss

Hiya Jax

At the risk of upsetting someone, no, I do not believe there courses are worth the money based solely on the feedback that I have had from quite a few people who have been.

Lots of hype and short on facts in the comments most commonly made.

I hope that this helps

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From: Jodi Meynell

Hi Jacque,

I originally did Paul and Geoff's 1 day course about a year ago. I had been a bit of a seminar junkie and found a lot of property courses out there took twice as long to get across half the information for 5 times the price.

When I heard about Paul and Geoff's I said "no way, no more, not until I can put what I've learnt so far into practice". I was lacking the confidence to start because I still had so many holes in the whole renovation process.

In the end I weakened and did their course anyway. Unlike all the other courses I had attended, I came out firing with exact direction of what I had to do. I owned 4 houses already, but had only done minor "clean ups", no renovations as such.

Within a month one of my tenants ended his lease and moved on, leaving me a lowset brick 3 bedroom to renovate. I now had the knowledge and confidence I was lacking previously due to the dedication Paul and Geoff put in to making sure you know everything you need to know. Always ask questions if what you want is not being covered specifically.

$22,000 and four weeks later I turned a $195/week house into a $250/week house. I wasn't planning on selling it, but someone driving by gave me an offer too good to refuse and I made a $58,000 profit. This year I completed another 3 renovations, 1 sold and 2 very positively geared.

Recently I attended the 4 weekend Magic Makeover in Brisbane and learned even more again. By putting everyone in a "hands on" situation I found out that I wouldn't bother sanding floorboards myself, but could happily paint the interior of a house in an hour.

Both courses put me in a much better position to gauge how much quotes should be, tricks of the trades (to keep an eye on tradesman trying to pull the wool over your eyes), and which areas I'm happy to do myself and which is quicker to pass on to a professional.

If you are already a renovator, you may not get as much out of it as I did, but if you pick up a bunch of time or money saving tips, it's worth it, right?

What I can say about Paul and Geoff is that they are genuine guys, willing to go out of their way to help you be successful. If there's a way they can help you, they will.

I still keep in contact with a bunch of people from both courses, and they are all out there using the knowledge, so that speaks volumes to me.

Hope that helps,
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From: Chris L

Hi Jodi,

You said you wouldn't bother sanding floors yourself, could you explain why please.
I did mine in Brisbane house, under $400, 2 days, but this was my PPOR so no write-offs.

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From: Hans Van der Drift

I attended a Doidge Eslick seminar. I had some certain goals I wanted to reach from the 1 day course. I knew I would not walk out with a all the information to never make a mistake or be a master renovator, it was a one day seminar, and there is only so much you can lean in a 12 – 14 hour day.

The seminar is a mix of sound advice from the pre-purchase to the how-to-do tips on renovating.

One of my goals was to take action and actually do a renovation. After the seminar I felt that I had the foundations to be able to go and buy it, fix it and rent it.

I put out the calls and before I knew it I had purchased a house for $95,000 in Mt Gravatt. With my Brother as partner we have built another room, painted in and out, re conditioned the kitchen and put in a new bathroom and toilet (the house had an outhouse)

We are just completing the final touches now and it looks like from agent appraisals the house will be worth around the $200,000 mark and can rent out at $220 per week. Not bad for $10,000 in costs and a small investment in Doidge and Eslick of one day and some money.

By the way at the seminar you receive a workbook/manual that is worth its weight in gold really comes into use when you have all those questions.

The bottom line, if you want to renovate and make some capital gains and some good yields on your rental properties go to the seminar.
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From: Jodi Meynell

Hi Chris,

I'm very impressed that you managed to do the whole home in 2 days for under $400. Good on you!

I found the whole floor sanding process to be much more time consuming, fiddly and pedantic than you have.

The time consuming part was several long and arduous passes over the room centres, interspersed with many sandpaper changes. The fiddly part was then going back to do all the edges to a level that matched the centre. The pedantic part was the strict removal of fine sawdust left over everything (grooves of VJs, window sills, light fittings) to ensure that none floated down to the new gloss surface, lots of vacuuming between coats.

I personally found that if a professional needs 4 days and around $1500 to do a whole 3 bedroom house, inc living areas and kitchen (all machine and materials costs included) then my time is better used elsewhere.

I am happy to say though that if I could do it for under $400 in 2 days, I would probably do it myself too.

Well done,
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From: J Parker

Thankyou all for your honest responses. It is good to see that a public forum such as this can continue to be an outlet for us all to use. None of us should be afraid of expressing our honest opinions, especially when there are so many seminars out there!

I am yet to hear back from Denis Backhouse (promoter for Doidge/Eslick) outlining the details of the course, after emailing him the middle of last week. Once I receive the information I will make up my mind, and will let you know of my decision :)
Jacque :)
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From: Mike .

Hi Jacque,

I prefer books to seminars but I still attend seminars if I can't find the info easily in books. Since there is plenty of info in the form of books, magazines, and forums to get renovating advice I would be inclined to ask Geoff and Paul directly is their course info unique?

Here are a couple of e-books worth looking at, one from a UK site (I bought the hard-copy and CD version) and one from a US site. I'd be inclined to get these first and then go to a seminar with all my questions prepared in advance. I think it's a mistake not to research the subject matter first and go to a seminar without prepared questions. You don't get as much value.

Renovation Secrets

reduced launch price of £29.37
Click on Free Trial

Home Building Manual

Books by Suzanne Ardley

Regards, Mike
PS: How do you stop squeaky floorboards without re-nailing or re-screwing? I know the answer but just wondering if anyone else would like to answer before I give the secret away.;)
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From: Joanna K

On 9/23/02 9:36:00 PM, Mike . wrote:

>PS: How do you stop squeaky
>floorboards without re-nailing
>or re-screwing? I know the
>answer but just wondering if
>anyone else would like to
>answer before I give the
>secret away.;)


Kind regards

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From: Mike .

Hi Joanna,

I can see you're eager to know the answer which is a tip from Renovation Secrets.

I'll quote out of the book what they say about Fixing Squeaks:

Floorboards squeak for one of two reasons:

1) The boards are moving on the nails that hold them.
2) The boards are moving relative to one another and "rubbing".

There are two solutions:

1) Stop the movement by fixing the boards more securely. Try using screws rather than nails.
2) Stop the whole floor from moving. The joists will certainly flex under load. This will cause movement between boards even if they are secured properly. You can do one of two things:

a) Increase the joist depths.
b) Build a supporting wall underneath.

You are, of course, unlikely to want to go to this extent to fix a squeak. So try to fix the boards first.


If you have squeaky floorboards, sprinkle talcum powder onto them and brush it into the cracks and nail heads. The squeaks will go away (no money back guarantee on this tip!)

Mike>> Mmmmmmmm??? I wonder what Geoff's remedy is?

Regards, Mike
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From: James White

I maybe a little late , but here goes ... I too was lucky enough to attend the "MIRICLE MAKEOVER " held in Hamilton , over 4 Saturday's.
I flew up from Sydney & after attending the first day , would not have missed a minute for anything ! The "DUMP " that was renovated , in my opinion , needed knocking flat & a new house put in its place .If I would have been looking for a house to "Renovate " , this at first sight , would not have been it !!! I am not , at this point in time , into renovating , as I build new , but after attending Geoff & Paul's workshop , I would not discount giving it a go !As far as the "HYPE ", I think I would get excited too , if I could make $125000 , in 3 weeks & not the 4 in reality .For someone who is going down the "RENO trail , it may be "OLD HAT " but for me , it was a real education .In finishing , I would like to say , that these Professional Property renovators , are willing to assist those who are not real sure of where to start & I certainly got my monies worth , many times over !, & besides , they are two of the Greatest people I have "EVER " met.
Thankyou Geoff & Paul , a million ..
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