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From: Denis Backhouse

Hi Guys,

Just a "Heads Up" that Geoff and Paul will be featured on A Current Affair on Tuesday 10th Sept. at 6.30 pm. Channel 9.

I've posted details on "Meeting Point"

Best regards,

Denis Backhouse
Geoff's Office.
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From: J Parker

I watched it with great interest and admire the work put into such a project. Joint ventures with so many partners obviously required a lot of organisation. Well done to Geoff and Paul!

I would be curious to hear from any Doidge/Eslick graduates on this forum who have gone on to achieve highly successful renovations, such as the ones touted by the Renovation Kings in their articles, in the API magazine.

So come on all you renovators! Who's done what and has it all been worth it? I would particularly be interested in hearing from NSW people who have applied the principles of the course to houses in Sydney and it's outskirts.
Looking forward to some replies,
Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Geoff Whitfield

Agreed, it was great.

But (in the interests of balance), have other people tried renovations and not done so well?

I have a property which is "unique". Three cottages in a suburb which is either large townhouse developments, or high quality standalones. I did a reno (internal) on one- value added was barely what I'd spent (according to the valuer). Yet rental return is 8.5% now- and when a tenant vacates soon, I should be able to bring that up to 9.5%. In Canberra, with low vacancy rates- and a high demand area in Canberra.

Other "reno" properties are in huge demand in CBR. One I went to a while back, I was 15 minutes after opening. I was told there were 50 cars; there was a list of 5 people who were already offering asking price.

Another I was advised had too much structural work for it to be worthwhile. Yet it was snapped up too.

Can reno properties be found in a hot market, when TV progs are hot in the heels of seminar presenters selling the concept?
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