Dolf de Roos seminar

From: Jenny Nowakowski


today in the mail I received a brochure from Pow Wow Events about a seminar with Dolf de Roos. I know he's a Rich Dad advisor and he's cowritten at least 1 book with Jan Somers (for NZ market).

The seminar is $65. I was wondering if any one has been to one of his seminars/workshops before. Is it worth going? Is he more like John Burley than Jan Somers?

I haven't read the brochure properly but in one section it says, creative finance, start with little or no money, and then in another section it says it could cost you less than $100 per week! At the moment I need positive cashflow, not negative.

Would appreciate any thoughts.

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From: Anonymous

Buy the book or read the archives and save your money. He stresses IRR and uses Somersoft PIA rebadged with his name to prove his points.
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From: Boyler Room

The 2 day seminar is in Sydney, and yes it costs $2995. He is doing an introductory seminar tour of each city (minus Perth, Hobart and Darwin) which costs $65. If you're interested in hearing what he has to say, I'd recommend paying the $65 and spending the evening with de Roos. You may just come across one little gem that'll catapult you on your journey.

Boyler Room
Co Ordinator for ADL Freestylers
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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss


The $65 seminar is worthwhile and I recommend that you attend as you will get something from it. As has been said before, I also recommend Dolf's books.

I can't justify virtually $3k on a seminar though. Maybe it's the accountant in me, but . . .

Have fun

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From: Splinter Wood

Hi All,

I see you are all balking at the $2995 fee.

In that case, how do rate the Henry Kaye run 'National Investment Institute' Seminars running at a mere $16,000 ???

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From: Splinter Wood

PS Jenny,

I would HIGHLY recommend you visit the ASIC web site and especially note the section on Investment Seminars 'BEFORE' you make a choice to part with $2K.

Certainly do NOT sign on the night if you do attend the $65 taster. Wait 2 weeks and then re-evaluate.

Also refer to the 'Caveat Emptor' section of this forum site and see the Thread " Should I attend an Investment Seminar".

All the best

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From: Geoff Whitfield

I agree. I think $65 is OK- as long as you realise it's just a "teaser" for the real thing.

You can pick up on just one small point on any learning experience which can make the learning worth while.

I read Dolf de Roos' book "Real Estate Riches". He said something like "Look at 100 properties; offer on 4; buy one". That motivated me to do a lot more than just checking the papers. That led to a recent purchase I'm rather happy with.

So I'm happy to go. Particularly because not many of these people come to Canberra- and I'd like to ensure that they continue (Peter Spann's people have never been down here, for instance).
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