Don't they ever give up ?

From: See Change

Has been about one year since I received my last letter from nigeria. They've now moved to the opposite side of the continent.

" Dear Friend "( emailed to a hot mail address by the name of see change.... mmmm)

" i am writing this letter to you in
confidence,legerlýty and ýntergrýty of your person essensialy, with hope that you would help me.? am mr Duka Koromah the son of late Brigedier Johnny Paul Koromah ofthe diamond-rich Repoblic of Siera-Leon in
West Africa.My late father Brig J.P Koromah was the Defence chief of my country,s Defence force under the presidency of Ahmed Tejan Kabba. He unfortunatly lost
his life while fighting to defend his country from the rebel army RFU(Revolutionary United Rani)led by the
atreious FODE SANKO.

The crisis that beffel my country and the atrocities that wern committed by the RFU are well documented,and have occupied beallines of major international media since the past two years.After the death and
burial of my late father,the situation in the country became highly unsafe for
us,and the entire family decided to sick refuge in Lusaka,Zambia my maternal home. Prior to our exile,we discovered in my late father,s private safe, some confidencial documents that relate to a contract of
deposition of a consignment with a certain security company in South Africa during one of his trips there to purchase(arms for the execution of the civil war)These documents indicate that the actual conent of the consignment(cash)was not revealed tothe
security firm as it was family for safety and security reasons. Now i have left Lusaka Zambia for Johannesburg,South Africa, to formaly claim the consignment with all the relevant documents as filed by my late father,After a series of
inquiry,investgations and comfirmations into
my application the security company approved my claim over the consignment. Thereafter i contacted an attorney who helped to secure the services of financial experts and bankers who would craurc that the fund as safely transferred into an account in South Africa , with out implicating us to the autorities, i have been advised that due to the strict monetary policy of the Reserve Bank of South Africai must find a foreign partner who will accept the
fund (15.5 M USD cash)fýfteen million fýve hundred thousand us dollars to be transferred in to his overseas accounts,as the laws do not allow asylum seekers certain financial right. ?t would therefore be
appreciated if you accept to help us. with all the time call and expenses that u will incure in the course of this transactýon, We have agreed to offer you 30%percent of the entire sum, should you accept to assist us.The serves as your commission and overall share in total involved. 10%persent will be set aside for any expenses both of us incure in the process of executing this
transaction, While 60% percent will secured for my family for investments as would be advised by you. Should you be kind to be of assistance to us, the entire family would be highly greatful and would take
you as God sent. please if you agree to help us contact me with this mail address bye for now and remain bless, expecting
to hear from you soon.
your sincerely,


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Didn't the spell check have a fit when it saw this.

see change

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From: DB Bear

These kind of letters have been around for years and years. I wonder how many people fall for it.

"DB Bear"
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From: Anonymous

For the full story, check out
It's very long but a real hoot - especially the last letter.
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