Door Handles

Hey guys,

I'm trying to locate some door levers/ handles. I'm struggling to find any on-line wholesalers. Alternatively, any suggestions on outlets for the Sydney/ Newcastle area would be appreciated.

I have a 54mm hole. Do I need a 60mm rose plate or can I get away with 55mm? What is the backset? I assume its the distance between the edge of the door and the centre of the hole, does this sound right? If so, it seems I have a 70mm backset.

Any advice would be appreciated. I'm looking for something simple, chrome to go onto a gloss white door.

Many thanks,

Postage on online sellers for something small and heavy like door handles is a killer. Bought them online before but that was for a whole bunch of them and they were a lot cheaper than bunnings, just from a random ebay seller. Would have been more expensive than bunnings had I just bought only one, of course. Damn postage.
Thanks for the replies. Have tried bunnings and ebay. Ebay have a reasonable selection and are definitely cheaper than bunnings. I was kinda hoping there was an on-line seller specialising in door handles that I could pick up wholesale. But you're right, postage is a little steep.
I was going to say lincolnsentry to, they have a massive range of stuff u will use in a reno, including door/window rollers, lock sets ect.

i get lots of stuff from there :)
IMHO - gainsborough make a lot of crap - but with family at lincoln sentry i am biased...they don't stock a lot of gainsborough stuff 'cos of the dramas with them.

but each to their own.:)
yeah i obviously have no idea - i have only been involved in the building industry for a decade - have built several properties and had to replace the gainsborough stuff after a couple of years - have family in the door furniture industry working for a company that doesn't stock much gainsborough because of the amount of returns they get from their stock...

yeah mate - i have no idea - check your facts about who you're talking to before you go flaming's that sort of stupidity that is bringing this forum down. you're entitled to your opinion - if you like it, then good for you - how dare you get personal for somebody else offering a different opinion!:mad: