A friend of mine was nearly caught by a scammer when considering this car purchase from He sent a warning email which I have posted below.

Beware folks!

Hi all,
We've been looking at selling the Liberty and upgrading to a newer Outback. One car I found on (run by Fairfax media i.e. Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, etc.) looked to be what we were looking for within our budget. I contacted the seller via email who told me that he was currently in England on business but if I could pay the deposit he would secure the car for me to have a look at when I returned. He also told me that the deposit would be held by and would be 100% refundable if I didn't like the car.

I was then sent the following email from (they obviously spoofed or phished the email address), looking to be pretty legitimate. I clicked on the live support icon and left a message and was replied to. However, the whole thing didn't gel right so I went and had a look on their website. On the support page for it says:

" and Fairfax Digital do not issue invoices or other paperwork for motor vehicles advertised on our website and we will NEVER request or hold money on behalf of any seller or dealer. All monetary transactions should be conducted directly with the seller or the dealer. Please be wary of suspicious claims by sellers to obtain money (in any form) from potential buyers.
Do not send money to a seller prior to the exchanging of the vehicle – all monetary transactions should be carried out directly with the seller or the dealer once the sale is finalised. and Fairfax Digital do not take any responsibility for money deposited or transferred by buyers or any financial transactions between buyers and sellers."

Anyway, I rang this afternoon and they told me the whole thing was a scam and are now in the process of removing the ad. At one point I was getting very close to actually paying the deposit because it seemed like such a good buy. (I even made an account at Western Union to do so).

Live and learn.
good work.

i still get calls about the icefreeze01@yahoo address - people google it and my ph# pops upo with it, they call, i say it's a scam.

i get about 1 a month - happy to take random calls over it.
I had something similar when buying a motorbike. Similar story, but lots of holes opened up in it and suspected something was up. Then I got an email from warning me that the person posting the message is suspected on fruad.
Its pretty simple really - just follow this one rule:

If the deal looks too good to be true, and/or involves the use of Western Union, then it's almost 100% definitely a scam.
The England or out of the country scam has been going on for a while. Once when searching unique vehicles came across one of my own cars up for sale with detailed information on a popular web site. A couple of phone calls later and it was all in the hands or certain authorities. About 1 week later received a call that the scammers had been arrested. The scammers had done a good job doing their homework and I never fully found out how they got so much information but I'm inclined to think information must have come from the insurer.