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Anyone have suggestions for a DS game for 10 yo girl and 7 yo boy. They both have nintendogs which they love, my daughter bought a Bratz game that she found boring, my son bought Cars that he's not interested in. Are there any games they really get into, or is DS just a dud??
There are thousands of games for the DS. I can understand how daunting it is to select a suitable game for your children. My girls are now 14 and 17 and have been playing the gameboy and ds for more than 10 years.

My two girls enjoyed the following games:-

The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass action
Mario Kart DS action,racing/driving
Pokemon Diamond
Super Mario 64 DS action,adventure
Animal Crossing: Wild World adventure,rpg,simulation,strategy
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl rpg
Brain Age 2
The Sims 2
Brain Age: Train Your Brain In Minutes A Day action,strategy
The Urbz: Sims In The City action,adventure,simulation,strategy
SimCity DS action,simulation,strategy

10 yo girl would like
Animal Crossing: Wild World adventure,rpg,simulation,strategy
The Urbz: Sims In The City action,adventure,simulation,strategy
SimCity DS action,simulation,strategy

7 yo boy would like
Mario Kart DS action,racing/driving
Pokemon Diamond

If you are stuck for ideas you can also look at the top rated games
TOP DS Games

The highest rated games can be a bit difficult/challenging but they can also grow into them as their skills grow. As a suggestion try renting from a video store before you buy.

Good luck. :)
DS recommendations from an Expert!!!!

My 13yo loves his old DS, lots of sentiment attached.

He has attached his comments below:……………..

He’s had his DS for around three years and here are a few of his top rated games (his words)

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Reason: addictive game with lots of puzzles and use of the touch screen. Recommended for the 7 yo. Lots of animated explosions and sword chopping action.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
Reason: you can play sports while sitting down on the couch. Beat Olympic records and earn gold medals in your aim to become the best.

Kirby: Superstar Ultra

Reason: who doesn’t love a little pink dude who goes around eating people and getting special abilities. Some pretty good mini games so both kids can play together

Animal Crossing: Wild World
Reason: real life-ish situations where you can learn about money use, fashion and housing in a format that kids will understand and like.

Mario Kart Ds
Reason: it’s a crime not to have this game!!!! Very addictive for both genders no matter how old they are.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
Reason: its fun, it’s creative and best of all, it doesn’t make any sense. Good for boys under 14. Platinum version is a bit different to the others as the story line changes quite a bit.

A few other good ones include Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue team, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness but they get boring after about a year.

All of the games listed above have wireless play. By this it means that if two people have the same game they can link and trade items, battle and race etc. Kirby and Mario Kart and Mario and Sonic……. can also link with other DS’s using DS download play where one person has the game and the other players get to play as well. Only some games can do this but game play is a bit restricted.

Some Advice: Instead of rushing out to buy a game see if anyone you know has it. Have a quick go on using their game before buying it will save you a lot of frustration when you realize that the games a DUD! ALSO NEVER BUY GAMES BASED ON A MOVIE BECAUSE THEY ARE USUALLY TERRIBLE . Mario games are usually a good place to start because it’s hard to guess what will happen in them, there are just so many surprises.

Also look for stores where they Price Match (they bring the price down to)other stores with games on sale. EB Games is a good store. They Price match, sell previously owned games cheap, give 1 year warranties for $3 and they have excellent service. You can also trade in old games here and get discounts on your next purchase.
All the Mario ones are going to be good. Mario is Nintendos icon, so these games have been developed by Nintendo and there will never be a bad one.

So I'd get them a Mario Kart each. If they both have mario kart they can race each other at the same time. You can even race each other with just one mario kart game, but the one without the game in their DS will have an inferior vehicle.

Get a Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Brothers as well. These 3 games are all suitable for adults as well as kids and I've spent hours on all of them myself. My kids would have spent way more time on these 3 games than any of the others they have. They are 10 and 8 and 6, and girls.

If you see cheap games in a shop, their generally not much good, as no one wanted them, so they are on a discount.

See ya's.
I believe EB Games has a 7 day return policy policy and they price match. Dick Smiths also has a 14 day return policy (assume it covers games).

Perhaps best to buy from one of these stores or another store which has a similar policy, then they can swap it if they don't like it...
My kids (7 and 9) play outside. Soccer is the favourite game at the moment. Unusual for little girls. I also found a totem tennis set at a garage sale a while ago and they like to bash away at it. I guess down the track the fact that they didn't play computer games will disadvantage them somehow, but I love the sound of little kids outside mucking around outside. I'll be disappointed when they discover computer games. It's odd that none of their friends are really into them either. My theory is that most of their parents are my age (mid 40s) and computer games weren't really around when I was a kid.
Next time you're in Asia, or if you have any friends going there, look out for the DVD Box Set of DS games. I picked up 5 DVDs worth of DS games, at the time it was the complete collection.

So far my fav's have been Mario Karts and FIFA street. I got into Sims for a while but have since decided it's lame.

There's also some cool brain games that the kids may like if they're that way inclined. Brain Academy is the best.
we have the R4 cards as well, kids have games before they are released here, and so easy they get the games themselves.
I had a bit of a look around the shops and couldn't believe how much the games are. :eek: Except I saw one Mario game on the lists at a second hand shop for $20. Free games sounds good, esp when it's so hard to work out what they'll be into. My daughter says she's played mario kart with her friends and it's good fun.
We went on holidays recently and during the 7 hour drive home the kids punched and teased each other for the last hour. I think it will be money well spent! :D
Thanks for links too, all very informative.
Lego Batman and Indiana Jones are great games - think theres a star wars one too.

Re the R4's. A friend of mine recommends CyclosDS(?) cards from www.quantronics.com.au/.
Then fit the card with a 8GB memory stick which would hold about 200 games or so.

The games you get off of a torrent like btjunkie so you dont have to purchase them in the shops

BTW - I have a star wars game I bought for a clients son which I'm happy to offload for a reduced price if anyones interested DM me

(I also have one of those Vsmiles with power and a few games I need to get rid of)