Dual National Buying Property - help?

this web site looks a wealth of information so i'll try posting a question i can't get to the bottom of.

i've got dual nationality (full uk and oz passports) but i've never lived in australia or paid taxes there; and am not going to live there in the immediate future. But i would like to buy property there. partly cos the uk market is now fragile but mostly cos i am planning to move out in the next few years.

anyway i understand that foreigners have restrictions on what type of property they buy but i initially presumed that cos i have an australian passport that didn't include me.

now reading a lot of articles i'm confused cos some talk of citizenship as the deciding factor but most seem to state residency.

so do any of the experts here have a quick easy answer for me...

can i buy any any property cos i'm an australian citizen?...

or am i excluded while i'm still resident in the UK

many thanks if anyone can give me the definitive answer on this