Dual occupancy Mona Vale, is it worth it

I am thinking of developing a dual occupancy in Mona Vale, I note some of the forum members have had development experience in dealing with the pittwater council and would appreciate any help i can get.

I have some questions relating to the title of the dual occupancy. From my reserach it seems that Pittwater council will not allow subdivision of a dual occupancy development, is this correct? if it is the case that only one title may exist, can a strata title be created instead? If the answers is no to both I do not understand why these dual occupancies are popping up all over the place in the Neighbour hood, it seems to make no sence from an investment point of view if you can not sell each unit independantly.

Interested in forums feedback

Thanks Joe
You can definitely subdivide in pittwater. You just need to contact a local town planner and get the requirements.

from memory you need 600sqm a site after dividing the block
I'm on 700sqm in total, most of the Dual occupancies in the Mona vale area in recent times are around this size. So if subdivion is not an option on such a lot size. Why in the world would anyone build these because presumably you can not sell the units separately?