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From: Gail H

Hey everyone,

I just discovered the My Colour program on the Dulux website. Its brilliant. You can create a room and try different colours to see how different decorating options would look. It is amazing.

Check it out (I have no connections to Dulux)


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From: KJL .


From some of the larger hardware stores you can buy the CD for under $10 to run on your computer at home. The CD is quicker, and allows you to change colours of architraves, skirting boards etc, and pick from a much wider range of colours than I think the website lets you. We used it to decorate a room and it came out very well - we wouldn't have taken the chance on that particular colour scheme otherwise.

Similarly, I have no connection with Dulux either, other than my clumsiness meaning that it's now on many of my tshirts.

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