duplexes for SEQ


Does anyone know more about this article in todays CM. The story doesnt give much info.

I was wondering where this change is being proposed and what the guidelines will be.

not sure of the specifics just yet, but got wind of this last week.

the changes are to the SEQ regional plan - which all the councils use as their base document to develop town planning schemes. This change means the SEQ councils can modify their own development schemes to allow greater density and because the focus is on duplexes etc., there won't be a massive backlog and time delays in council. BCC especially are apparently changing the way they assess and the days of a year in council for planning hoops and red tape may be a thing of the past soon for simple splits/small developments with no major urban impact etc.

stay tuned!!
I know logan are redoing the planning scheme, changing the zoning, and allowing higher density development.

I think it has had a community response time, and they are assessing it for distribution next year I think.

More info can be viewed at Logan website.

MBRC, to my knowledge, haven't rejigged their scheme, based on Anna's comments last year about higher density dwellings. I am not too sure when this will be updated. They should be doing it, so that all districts align to the plan (i.e. Pine River, Caboolture, Redcliffe.... and whoever else it is...if any)


Very interesting, anyone know where you can find details concerning the minimum size of the block you would need?

Try the Town Planning Dept at the local council.

I imagine the requirements would differ from council to council. We have found with Ipswich council that the block size qualification even differs from suburb to suburb within the shire as the have different zoning catagories.