Dwyer Property Investments (Bris - Sunshine Coast)

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has bought an IP through Dwyer Investment Properties.

They are builders of SE Qld offering IP purchase with a 3 year rental guarantee, no fees, no risk of vacancies etc.

I'm just interested to know if anyone has had or heard of any dealings with them and if it's a good 'deal' or not.

Thanks in advance, Sara.
Ignoring Dwyer as I don't know anything about them.

Rental guarantees are a big warning sign. They aren't real - they are priced into the sale price.

Three years is a long time, it would be interesting to see who is actually backing the guarantee. Might just be a $2 company that folds as soon as there is a sign of trouble - just sayin.

Good properties don't need a guarantee.

Unless you plan to sell within 3 years, you still have a risk of vacancy after that period.

Walk away in my view