East Redfern-Moore park gardens or Chippendale

Hey All,

I've been hovering around here for the last month or so and have found this to be a great forum. So I finally thought I should register as I have been going back and forth about purchasing a place for much too long. Hopefully it's not rude of me to ask for advice as my first post...

I am looking at getting a place in Redfern (Moore Park Garden in particular) or Chippendale.

I aim to live there for the first 6 months (FHOG) and then possibly rent it out (depending on where I am working at that point). At the moment as a place of resident I really like the apartments in the Moore Park Gardens, and from my research they get around $480-500p/w for a 1 bedroom (480,000ish) apartment. I was wondering what you all thought about these apratments in regards to their potential for value increase. I'm concerned they have reached there peak...

The other option is to purchase a property in Chippendale where prices are still relatively OK but may still rise with all the development talk.

The reason I have chosen these locations are because I like these locations and I may end up living there for a while. Moore Park Gardens more so because I like the apartments there and Chippendale as it's in a location that I don't mind living in and it seems like it might be a better investment.

Hopefully I have provided all the relevant information required. Looking forward to hear your response.

Cheers! :)