Economical Car Port Solutions?

Thought I might pick everyone's brains.

I have an unrenovated property which is on a corner block and has side access into the back courtyard which is currently concreted but no carport or garage. The courtyard is approximately 8 x 8 mts. The back of the property is east facing. I will be doing some preliminary renovations so I will be living there for a little time.

I have also just recently purchased an older but nice car which I would like to keep away from the elements. At the same time, I am not wanting to spend a significant amount of money because in the future I will be looking at taking out the rear 80's extension (bathroom, kitchen, laundry), redoing that area whilst probably adding a bedroom upstairs and redoing the back courtyard. So I don't want to do anything substantive that I will need to knock over and re-do in a few years.

Have had a preliminary look at cheap carports, shade cloths initially. Does anyone have any alternative or innovative suggestions?
cheap and easy ?

take with you when you go