Editing or deleting your own messages

From: Pierre .

Does this new webboard allow you to edit or delete your own messages after you have posted? I've looked for the option, but can't find it. Hoping a computer nerd can help.

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From: Gary Smith

Nerd to the rescue... You need to click on your message in the left hand
pane, then the message appears in the right pane. I guess you have figured
that bit out already :)) Well, at the top of your message the Edit and
Delete options will be active. Only works on messages you have posted of
course. Haven't said that I don't think I have ever tried to take back any
of my messages on a WebBoard before, but I am assuming that's what those
options do.

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From: Miss Terious

Well I want to know how to do that funky little signature at the bottom of messages..... any one care to let me in on the secret?

:) :) :) :)
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From: Sim' Hampel

Well I have already answered this question a number of times, but just for you I'll answer it again ;-)

I have a personal web site (with OzEmail), and I uploaded a gif image that I created in a graphics program. Once uploaded, I added the following text to the signature section of my profile:

<IMG SRC="http://www.ozemail.com.au/~sphampel/images/sim.gif" ALT="Sim'">

Which turns out like this:


Now if you don't have the web site or the tools or just don't have the inclination, you can do some fancy stuff just with embedded HTML tags. Note that this stuff works in normal messages too and not just signatures!

You can do simple stuff like add a FONT tag to your signature:

<FONT FACE="arial">This is arial</FONT>

Renders as:

This is arial

You can change colour too:

<FONT FACE="verdana" COLOR="RED">This is red verdana</FONT>

Renders as:

This is red verdana

And also the size:

<FONT FACE="serif" COLOR="BLUE" SIZE=3>This is size 3 blue serif</FONT>

Renders as:

This is size 3 blue serif

You can also add bold or italics by surrounding your signature with <B> and </B> for bold or <I> and </I> for italics text.

For example:

<B><FONT FACE="sans-serif" COLOR="GREEN" SIZE=4>This is bold size 4 green sans-serif</FONT></B>

Renders as:

This is bold size 4 green sans-serif

And finally:

<B><I><FONT FACE="courier" COLOR="PINK" SIZE=5>This is bold italics size 5 pink courier</FONT></B></I>

Renders as:

This is bold italics size 5 pink courier

To test your signature, create a new message and select the "Preview message" option at the top (deselect the "Preview/Spell check" option). If it's not right, use the back button and edit it directly in the message window and repost (make sure Preview is still on), once you have it right cut-and-paste it into your signature in your profile and there you go !

Hope this helps ;-)

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From: Pierre .

Pierre = Idiot

I can see that plainly now. Thankyou.

I managed to get a funky signature, but couldn't work that out!

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