Electric Underfloor Heating

Hi All,

I’d like to hear all opinions(preferably from personal experience rather than hearsay :)) re electric concrete slab underfloor heating as a primary source of house heating. We are thinking about putting an offer on house with that style of heating and this is the last unknown thing left.

Few words about the house and what I googled so far re the heating. Architecturally design about 15 years ago. Has rather sizable internal yard with floor to ceiling windows to it from kitchen, dining and living. This is Fasham Johnson design for those who familiar with the style. It has cathedral ceilings in above mentioned areas. Bedrooms have normal ceilings. So far, I found rather different opinions regarding the underfloor electric heating. On one side it is almost the best source of heating ever and on another side it is the most expensive and not practical ever....

Thank you!