Electricity & Water

Hi All

Today was settlement for our first IP with an open house tomorrow for prospective tenants. (We're in NSW) These may be really silly questions but I am jut wondering what do we need to do about Electricity & Water? I dropped in to the unit today once we got the keys & water & electricity are on & working I am just not sure how we go about it from now? It is a strata title property & the PM said tenants will pay water usage but in relation to the water rates bill & the electricity bill do we have to do anything at this stage? Or do the tenants contact Energy Australia once they move in ?

LL insurance is all organised & paid so at least i'm on top of that!

Many thanks in advance, any help of point in the right direction to a thread that answers these questions would be great!!

Water will be urs..............., and they will know from the transfer, and u will get the bill

Powert the tennant organises and pays

Congratulations on your first IP!

If it will be rented thru an agent, you can ask them to pay the water rates out of the rent monies. They can then charge any excess water usage to the tenant.
yep - tennants organise electricity.
You will want to contact Sydney Water and arrange for your bills to either be sent to you or to your property manager.

For the water, you pay for connection, and tennant pays for useage.