emerald or dalby

hello to everyone,just starting out as a first time property investor. was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about buying in dalby qld.we are living in emerald qld at the moment,thought of buying a ip here but the mrs.thinks we'd be putting all are eggs in one basket so to speak. any thoughts on the subject would be a help:)
Both are pretty good buys IMO, as long as you buy the correct property that suits you and your investment plans.
I was in Emerald from 02-08 but then went over to M'bah.
Good thing about buying in Emerald is that you're on hand to do repairs yourself when needed, because I'm sure you've witnessed how hard it is to get a tradesman to turn up in any set timeframe!!
We bought two properties in Dalby in 07 and 08, they've worked out well for us. I was looking at buying in Emerald for ages, but would have lost my highly subsidised accom if I did.
Looked at Roma for a while, not bad buys there either, and have just put in an offer on a place in Toowoomba.
Happy to help with any further questions, but a lot of ppl on here know plenty more than I do!
thanks for your thoughts,leaning more towards buying in emerald,will have to go and take a look at dalby,but with mine expansions etc.emerald might be a better choice,
I have a place in Emerald and it is doing ok, would have loved to buy in
As you would know about Emerald make sure you buy in the non flooding part of town.
Interesting. I am reading this post at Brissy airport as I head up into Moranbah today to gain further insights about how things are shaping up in the Bowen Basin. I have a few IPs in M'bah that have experienced strong CF and CG in the past. This trip is a field study to meet various interesting people - real estate agents, builder, miner, local council and not discounting the little chitchat with the barman that I plan to have over a few beers.

Who knows, I might end up with another IP to add to the portfolio this weekend :p

By the way, this morning from syd-bris I got chatting with the qantas flight attendant, she was the cabin supervisor and was in her mid to late 30s. She asked me why I was going up to M'bah and I said "hmmmm, investments". She picked on it instantly and asked 'how the yields were up there' and I was blown off my feet thinking well she is not just a pretty face :D

Turns out she has a 'few IPs' herself spread across to avoid land tax clusters and is currently doing a knockdown duplex build in sydney.

Good on her!!!

Anyways, back to the Bowen topic, pls see the attachment for the latest news on the current and planned mining activities up in the Bowen basin.


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How are the new QANTAS flights into M'bah going? Guessing, like MacAir they're fairly heavily booked?

Thanks for putting up that document up, it made for a really interesting read.

If you are chasing a few other people to talk to in M'bah about what's going on in the area, send me a PM and I can pass on some names.
I am also interested in M'bah area, I was told that property fell back during the GFC and is now picking up, can anyone tell me how yields are going, I have had some conflicting information.
Also, anyone investing in Blackwater, seems alot happening in this pocket.

Cheers, MTR