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From: Nigel Kibel

Fancy a job in property investment? If so, please read our posting under "Caveat Emptor".

Nigel Kibel
The Investment Institute
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From: The Wife

Come on Nigel,

Your going to turn this board into a spam fest, spend some money on advertising dollars to promote your product where its not free, just like everyone else, this place is more for the discussion of said product, not a free advertising board, you have had a fair whack at it now, you should have a pretty good data base up.

~Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all~
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From: Nigel Kibel


Sorry that you took exception to our posting, but you can't please all the people all the time.

We certainly don't want to turn this excellent forum into a "spam fest", but our view is quite simple.

You see, this forum is full of people all of whom wish to make money through property. For many of them, property is their passion. When an opportunity comes along where they can actually work doing what they love and profit from it at the same time, we felt it important to let them know about this opportunity.

The fact that we had received three email expressions of interest very shortly after the posting confirms the interest out there.

Also, I thought this is what the section "Caveat Emptor" was created for. This is where we placed the posting. Obviously, you, and probably others, disapproved of our pointer under Property Investor Forum, so if we ever do anything like this again (which is unlikely) we will refrain from a pointer.

As I said, you can't please all of the people all of the time. Sorry if it offended you, but at least some of the users of this forum appreciate the opportunity.

Nigel Kibel
The Investment Institute
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From: Mike .

Hi Nigel,

Are you using the pointer because you think less people read Caveat Emptor than PIForum? As I type, your PIForum pointer post has been read 10 more times than your original CE post which was posted 2 minutes earlier. Not a great difference, but perhaps CE is less frequented than PIForum, afterall.

We'll keep an eye on those stats over the next few days. My guess is that there won't be much difference and therefore probably not necessary to use a pointer.

Regards, Mike
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From: Robert Forward

Aren't most people that come to this site here to get out of a job (rat race)...

Mmmm, just food for thought for when you place a job advert on a forum that is about getting out of the rat race.

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From: Anonymous

Upon my recent entry into this forum I saw no sign that read "to teach users the wonderful strategies of getting out of the rat race".

I don't come onto this forum to get out of the rat race. I do it to learn more about investing in property.

I am sure there are many investors on this forum that are wealthy, and yet choose to continue the 'rat race'. Some people actually like what they do for a living, and compliment their wealth creation and lifestyle by investing in property.

A well paid, secure and satisfying job is a luxury, too often taken for granted, that aids a person in creating wealth. Only die-hard Kiyosaki cultists would be as narrow minded to label anyone with a job, a "rat racer".

My 'job' enables me to multiply my net worth far quicker then if I had none. You may have the opposite experience, maybe due to an inability to ask a high price for your shortfall in experience, knowledge and skills.

I don't know what sort of role Nigel has in mind or what sort of salary he has in mind for the successful candidate. But what would you say to someone who was willing to pay you a six figure income for doing what you you know and love, in conjunction with your other wealth creation activities? I know what I'd do - take it, and be content in my fortunate circumstance, and use to further increase my share of life's big pie - even if it meant I would have to wear the "rat racer" label.

If I am the only person in here that feels that way, I may have come to the wrong forum, having mistaken the Somersoft Property Investor Forum for the Kiyosaki Forum.

Kind Regards

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From: Robert Forward


I do understand where you are coming from with your post but I did however say in my post "most people" would rather want out of the rat race....

If you are happy with your lot then that is great (as long as your happy), as you said it is a vehicle to get you where you want to go, and it's in the same direction as the people that are wanting out of the rat race.

Those that I know that have exited the "rat race" are now working for themselves. They haven't retired, actually they probably work harder now for themselves they they did for any "employer".

This comment however I must have a really good laugh at.

>My 'job' enables me to
>multiply my net worth far
>quicker then if I had none.
>You may have the opposite
>experience, maybe due to an
>inability to ask a high price
>for your shortfall in
>experience, knowledge and

You have no idea....

As to believing you've come to a Kyosaki forum, well you may need to read this forum a wee bit more to understand that you haven't nor is it www.seek.com.au a place for job adverts. it is a property investment forum.

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From: Anonymous

Hello Robert.

Thank you for your informative reply.

>Those that I know that have
>exited the "rat race" are now
>working for themselves. They
>haven't retired, actually they
>probably work harder now for
>themselves they they did for
>any "employer".

I mean no disrespect here, but that comment was just the prime example of what I mean by Kiyosaki mentality - it prevents you from seeing a bigger picture. Do you really think it's so black and white? DO 'working for yourself' and 'working for someone else' have to be mutually exclusive?

I my own businesses. I am also employed by others. I also have investments which work for me. The work I do for an employer is that which gives me the greatest income for the least cost/time.

Which would you choose Robert?

1. Go into business for yourself, contribute substantial set-up costs, work seven days a week, 12 hours a day, manage staff and salaries, have $1M revenue per year, but only be left with $80,000 net profit?


2a. Run a leaner business that requires virtually no set-up costs, occupies 20 hours a week of your time, generates $500,000 revenue - of which you keep all.
2b. Be paid $150,000 per year by an 'employer' to do what you know and love and can manage in 2-3 hours per day?

Option 2, is obviously the better of the two. Problem is, you would still be a 'rat racer' if you chose this option. If you chose option 1, you may have achieved your life long endeavour to see the last of www.seek.com.au, and no longer be a part of the 'rat race'. However, your fixation of not wanting to be 'employed in the rat race' would be slowing down your wealth creation progress greatly.

I am yet to familiarize myself with who's who in this forum, and you may be right - I 'have no idea'. (you also made me laugh)
You may well be an entrepreneur in your 40's who owns 15 investment properties, runs a seminar or two, enjoys the life of luxury, and is adored by thousands. I meant no disrespect. I hope I have been able to make my point clear - that is, 'job' does not necessarily equate to 'financial and personal misery'


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From: Anonymous

ummmmm, you may laugh. That in no way describes Rob.
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From: Robert Forward

It's always great to have good banter about individuals views, how else do we learn and expand ourselves in life. Thanks for the opportunity.

I know there is no black or white when it comes to investing other then to take "The Wifes" term of "Freestyling". It's what ever level of security you feel comfortable with and that is an individual choice.

I can't agree with you that Kyosaki's view in narrow minded, though, being an individual I take what I've learnt and discard what I don't think will work for me and tweak what will to make my investing style work the best for me.

As for your options, I'd definately not consider option 1. As you said to much time not enough return. Myself I would rather option 2a.

Reasons being is that with the extra income I can then reinvest that to make more income to then be able to cut out the 20 hours a week of work (this being either by employing someone to do the job I was doing or by selling the entity that created the cashflow)

But that is my investing style.

Anyway it is good to have a fresh out look on things and I hope to have good conversations throughout our posts on the forum.


PS: Since your new, I recommend enjoying the chatline that is here to it's great fun.
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From: Eric Snow


You have really nailed it there. Too many people have been conned into thinking owning a business is the be-all and end-all of things.

Unfortunately those Kiyosaki-brainwashed cultists have been duped into believing anyone can be a successful entrepenuer. They have invested a lot of time and money for the privilege also!

I wish Robert Kiyosaki would go crawl back under the rock he came out from.

I am God.

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