End Game!

Hey Everyone,

I wrote a post a while back about my own goals and the like. I just received in my inbox the actual dream........ http://www.realestate.com.au/cgi-bin/rsearch?a=o&id=106209127&rsf=emailalert-propdetails

It has the land size, location and history I'd want in the development I build.

The idea in my head was to have a place for terminally sick kids and there families to get away from the hospitals and the city in particular. There are a few similar type of organisations in Oz but they seem to bring the bush kids to the city.

The idea is a lot grander than the brief idea above, But I came across this property and had an instant love for the place - its only about a decade early but none the less I hope the purchaser does something needed with it?

Good looking place for what you want Andrew. At a purchase price of between $3-5M it still looks like it needs some major money spent on it after that on renos etc.