End of an Era

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

This site is a mine of good info. If only I'd stuck to reading this property forum in 2004 instead of going to see one of the financial advisers who frequented it in those days, my life would be very different...
Thanks Ian, Jan & Sim.

As a long-term member, despite not really engaging in the forum for the last eight or so years, the value of the Somersoft Forum to my family and me has been immense.

I'm still growing my property portfolio (after a few hiccups which took me backwards), and while it's not my primary investment channel (I prefer building businesses), it's been a valuable and useful channel for building capital while I generate cashflow in other ways (and spend a lot of time holidaying or with kids).

It seems I am still the 24th top poster despite last posting in November 2006, so all I can say to everyone who is engaged and learning about property investing is that you should keep posting and sharing your journeys, knowledge and experience openly - you'll get far more value out of this forum and its successor than the effort you'll put in.

Cheers and good luck with the future. Not sure I'll be around much, but will try to contribute in the new forum when I can.
A BIG thank you goes out to Ian, Jan & Sim and of course all the old timers that made this a great site!

Unfortunately I haven't been all that active on the site in the last couple of years, however can say that this site (I should really say Community) has been excellent & got to meet many great people along the way. Keep this community spirit alive on the new site & hope it remains as educational and inspirational for everyone!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the other site!

PS: I cannot believe I joined back in March 2001!!!


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PS: I cannot believe I joined back in March 2001!!!

Actually, that date was when the Webboard (Somersoft v2) site was launched - your account would have been backdated based on data I was able to use when I launched the current version (Somersoft v3).

Were you on the original version of Somersoft (v1) ?? If so, you joined well before March 2001!
Were you on the original version of Somersoft (v1) ?? If so, you joined well before March 2001!

Hi Sim,

I think you are right, I was on the original board (Somersoft v1) before it got archived... wow, time flies when you are having fun :)


Huge lurker here.

I haven't personally contributed to this forum, so I feel somewhat guilty posting at the Eleventh Hour but I couldn't help but login just to say thank you to everyone for contributing to this forum.

The wealth of knowledge found on these pages which I used almost like a personal reference book over the years has truly helped me with my investing.

The sheer generosity displayed has been staggering. I've personally been offered advice & help through PM which saved me thousands of dollars. I find these gestures are common place and often unsolicited.

I wish you all good luck in your future endeavors.

Take care all,
Wow, I echo the sentiments of everyone who has already posted here. I joined early in my investment journey, and learned plenty from the likes of Ruby, PhilH, Jamie, Sim, and met some very wonderful people. Got to meet Ian at one of the B.I.G get togethers, a lovely man. Spent many sleepless nights in the chatroom causing havoc and chaos. Haven't been active on the forum for many years but cannot under-estimate how valuable a resource it has been to me and countless others. Well done Sim, you can be very proud of the fabulous role you have played in making it the success it has been. Thank you Jan & Ian, a special thanks to Ruth, and good luck and good health to everyone, I thank everyone for their contributions, I have learned more than I ever dreamed I could absorb.

A big thanks to the Somers and Sim, Somersoft has been a huge pool of information I have referred to often. Thank you to everyone that has posted about their experiences and helped so many of us on our journey.

I look forward to watching the new forum grow and I hope we don't lose too many of contributors during the change over.

Happy End of Financial Year to you all.
With thanks and Kudos...

I remember so many years ago when Mum and Dad gave me my first Jan Somers book.

My brother and I are probably the epitome of true 2nd generation Somersofters. Both of us have had over 20 years of building mini empires in completely different ways purely based on the work that Jan & Ian did to ensure that people learnt "they could do it for themselves".

I can not thank you enough - it does seem the end of something truly wonderful and I am sure a lot of us feel very emotional about this but hopefully it is also the start of a whole new adventure - and, that, like property investing, is what is so fabulous - the end of one project becomes the start of another, building on all the knowledge you gained?.!
Thank you!

Dear Ian, Jan and Sim,

It has been a privilege to have been part of the community and it (and the software) was an important part of myself embracing the opportunity of property investing and later development.

Thank you and God bless,

Sad to see the end of the most wonderful resource
for Australian property investors. As a sometimes
participator but mainly lurker I will miss the community.
Thanks to every one.

Cliff :)
Thank you to everyone who has assisted me on this forum.
I'll browse this thread fully later to see how I can join propertychat and hopefully see some of you around there.