End of an Era

Wow such a huge decision but understandable.

thank you for starting and ruining it for so long! Definitely an achievement to create such a resource and community!! Also to the mods for keeping everything in order

Will the new one have a similar look and feel to continue the journey?
Been a great site , friendly place, I do owe a lot to Jan by reading her first
book a long time before cash-flow positive was put out there for everyone.

Im now in the selling phase of all property which Ive held for over 20 years
which will take a few years so this might also be my opportunity to say farewell
and move on to something new , at this point don't see myself moving over to
the new site which should give myself some more freedom.

Best wishes to all.

Thank you for providing such an invaluable resource.

Good to hear it will live on in archive form.

Have joined up at propertychat where we all start back at post 1 !
Exciting times and a clear sign of Ian and Jan's credentials to allow their baby to grow up and walk away and leave home. Obviously PropertyChat is in good hands with Simon. I'm so pleased that Simon will be leading this rather than some corporate owner.

I think its a sign of going onto bigger and better things. New ideas and change can be very enlivening.

I would think that the subscription prices represent excellent value for the output, content and support.
Sniff sniff .So sad . This place has been a part of my life for the last 15 odd years . I will miss it . Cliff

As will I - it has been far more than a website to me - it has been a genuine community and I have made many very close friends though the site.

At various points in time, I have been addicted to this forum, somewhat estranged from it, ignored it, helped make it better, unquestionably also made it worse... I've trolled, I've baited, I've been trolled and been baited, I've argued, I've laughed, I've swore......

But I met my wife in the SS chatroom.

And I do have a tear in the eye as I write this.

Thanks to everyone - even the people I've argued with.
Thank you to the Somers for starting this forum up and to Sim also. I personally have received so much from this community and I really look forward to seeing what the future holds for the new site.

All the best to the Somers.
Thanks very much to the Somers for providing the platform over the last 10 odd years I have been using it (& to Sim/other admins for maintaining it).

Not sure if I will signup on the other site yet (I'm sure some will be secretly pleased if that ends up the case :D), it's a bit like taking all the furniture out of one house and putting it in another, things just never quite feel and work the same in a new environment.
Wow, I'm quite surprised to have read this thread and see an end to this era. I've been hearing about Somersoft for years from other investors and only started participating a few weeks ago. Since then I've been learning so much and started recommending friends to join this forum.

All is not lost and I'm hoping to interact with other property investors and like minded people over at PropertyChat. Thanks to the whole community for their dedication and invaluable information.
NOOOOOOO!!!! :eek::eek::

So very very sad to see this end as I've been addicted to this place for so long, it's going to leave a gaping hole in my online social life:p ..... Thankyou so so much to the generous Somers, Sim and all the hardworking mods for keeping this going as long as it has, with minimal spam, trolls and rubbish cluttering up the content.

In the years that I've been here (and it's been a while now...) I've not only learnt so much, made friends and broadened my horizons, but have truly looked forward to jumping on the forum regularly to see what's new, what's hot/not, which forum member has opened the latest can of worms, what pearls of wisdom have been generously shared and what's going on generally in the addictive world of property investment (amongst other topics :)) This forum and it's many characters will truly be missed :(

Most certainly an end of an era, thanks to the Somers and Sim for all your contributions.

Lets hope most of the good one's migrate over to propertychat.


Lucky I just came back after a long hiatus - just in time to be able to migrate my username to PropertyChat :) Still sad to see the old site coming to a halt though. Thanks Jan & Ian, without your books & this forum I would have never seriously commenced property investing.
Ohh no, who and what is going to fill my boredom at the middle of the night now...

Thank you Jan & Ian Somers for kindly providing this awesome forum for us all to learn and share the world of property investment.